Your XBOX ONE may know you better than you know yourself.

Always on and listening. Infrared camera. Facial and voice recognition. Heart monitor. In your living room.

Is Microsoft's XBOX ONE the future of the NSA's PRISM program?

Tell Microsoft: I won't buy an XBOX ONE because I don't want the NSA in my living room.

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“He thought of the telescreen with its never-sleeping ear.” - George Orwell, 1984

Your XBOX ONE knows what you did last night. Even if you can’t quite remember.

Yes, it's that creepy.

The device’s camera can see in the dark, with infrared sight. The device has the ability to identify how many people are in the room and even more advanced, facial recognition. It can read your facial expression to determine your mood. It can track your eye movement and heart rate. Its highly sensitive and always alert microphone has voice recognition abilities. The XBOX ONE can build quite a profile of you and your daily activities.

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XBOX ONE: Your new best friend. Listens to your drama. ALL THE TIME.

Only problem, your new friend is eavesdropping...

The XBOX ONE’s “always on” feature you may have heard about refers to the fact that the microphone in the device’s KINECT is always alert, listening for your command “XBOX ON.” The device does not shut off, and the XBOX ONE cannot be used without the device. The ever-listening microphone has raised privacy concerns across the nation and also abroad in countries like Germany, where the country's Data Commissioner called it a monitoring device. With news of NSA’s PRISM program, citizens are uncomfortable with a device that has the ability to listen and record the daily conversations in their living rooms.

You never know who will hear what. That little detail could lead to the end of your career or your marriage!

XBOX ONE: So invasive that even the US Military is afraid of its spying capabilities!

Well, apparently the XBOX ONE is “the single greatest sin Microsoft has committed against all service members” according to naval aviator Jay Johnson.

Why? For one thing, with that controversial "always on" feature there is a fear that the XBOX ONE has the potential to be a security threat to soldiers and military secrets. If they are concerned about the microphone always listening in, shouldn't you be?

XBOX ONE: The game console that knows TOO MUCH?! And it’s developers who seem to know too little.

According to Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Marc Whitten, the XBOX ONE is "rocket science-level stuff." It seems to be so complicated that Microsoft can’t even keep its story straight on the device. The company’s representatives have gone back and forth when describing it’s features, including the "always on" component, mandatory Internet connection, and the extent to which the KINECT (including the camera) must be utilized in order for the XBOX to function.

Well, at least Microsoft has been consistently inconsistent!