World leaders are meeting to solidify the Trans-Pacific Partnership: a secretive trade agreement that undermines democracy and globalizes Internet censorship.

Say NO to Internet Censorship before it's too late.

Tell world leaders: "Don't sign the TPP"

"The Trans Pacific Partnership includes provisions that would lead to extreme Internet censorship and undermine democracy and national sovereignty. I demand that my government oppose this agreement and refuse to sign."

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If you've already signed, call Congress!

We've found a critical weakness in the TPP plan. If the U.S. Congress refuses to "Fast Track" the agreement, there is a good chance it will completely fall apart. Help us flood Congress with phone calls to stop Fast Track right now -- use this tool to look up your reps' phone number, we'll even give you a script for what to say.

Fight for the Future and Center for Rights will contact you about future campaigns. Privacy Policy

WikiLeaks has released documents exposing an extreme internet censorship plan called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.1 The TPP is a secretive trade agreement negotiated behind closed doors with no democratic process.

We know from the leaked drafts that the TPP will make the Internet more expensive, censored, and policed.2 It undermines democracy and national sovereignty, and would force SOPA-like Internet censorship on the world.3

We also know that the US is bullying other countries in negotiations, refusing to budge on the worst provisions it has proposed. If we can keep the pressure on, we can encourage other countries to stand up to the US's ridiculous demands.4

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The single most effective thing you can do to stop the TPP right now is to tell Congress: Don't renew Fast Track for the TPP! Fast Track trade promotion authority would sneak the TPP through Congress without allowing any changes. But if Congress demands its right to review the TPP, this shady deal will be brought to light.5

If we stop Fast Track, US trade officials will lose their best bargaining chip, and won't be able to force other countries to comply with their outrageous demands.

Stop Fast Track, stop the TPP in its tracks!

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What's wrong with the TPP?

From leaked drafts and investigations, we know that it will:

  • Kick people off the internet for copyright infringement (read more)

  • Decrease access to medicine (read more)

  • Undermine national sovereignty by allowing corporations to sue governments (read more)

  • Circumvent worker and environmental protections (read more)

  • Increase economic inequality (read more)


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