T-Mobile is violating net neutrality.

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“T-Mobile’s new BingeOn program is a clear violation of net neutrality. Stop throttling our videos and offer equal access to all online content.”

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They're throttling all your videos. And their CEO won’t stop lying about it.

Millions of people fought to win basic net neutrality protections that stop giant cable and phone companies from throttling or discriminating against certain Internet content. But now T-Mobile is trying to undermine all of that with it’s new #BingeOn scheme. They’re throttling and breaking every video on the Internet, and pushing services to make special agreements with T-Mobile. When challenged about how the video-throttling works, T-Mobile’s CEO insulted Internet freedom activists and lied about “optimizing” videos (non-participating videos aren’t optimized, they’re just throttled and broken).

This is a particularly sneaky way to attack net neutrality

T-Mobile’s CEO keeps repeating the mantra that BingeOn is “optional”, but they’re making it default for all customers unless they opt-out (think about your grandma trying to figure out how to do that on her new T-Mobile phone.) That means that T-Mobile is actively helping pick winners and losers.

Mobile ISPs like T-Mobile should be providing Internet access, not throttling it. If T-Mobile thinks its customers want more control over their bandwidth usage, they should provide information on how to do that, not abuse their power as an ISP to throttle and break the video experiences of others’ sites.

Our friends at EFF ran a study that catches T-Mobile redhanded throttling video and violating net neutrality. When they asked CEO John Legere about it during a Twitter Q&A, he literally cursed them out and refused to answer the question.

This is exactly why we need net neutrality. We can’t allow greedy ISPs and the bullies who run them to decide what we can see and do on the Internet. Please sign and share this petition to stop T-Mobile from destroying everything we’ve fought for.

T-Mobile is super sensitive to public opinion. Sign the petition now and we can stop them from undermining net neutrality, and send a message to other companies that you can't mess with our Internet.

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