If Congress enacts Title X, we'll lose net neutrality forever.

Comcast’s well-paid friends in Congress are looking to enact a "Title X" provision that would give the Cable industry the power to ruin the open Internet and force Internet users to pay more for less.

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"We want to keep the Internet open and free. Don't let cable companies take away our ability to create and express ourselves on the world wide web. Support real Title II net neutrality, not fake bills like "Title X" that will poison the Internet."

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Congress wants to backstab the Internet with "Title X"

The FCC will be making its own decision on net neutrality in February, but if Congress introduces “Title X” first, it could hijack the entire process and reverse any progress for net neutrality. Meanwhile the politicians crafting "Title X" have already taken massive amounts of cash from cable companies. These politicians need to be held accountable for trying to gut net neutrality.

Please spread this page with your friends and family. Sign the petition to tell Congress to drop their fake bill and support real net neutrality.

Congress leaders are planning on starting 2015 with a bill called “Title X" that would compromise the World Wide Web by taking away the FCC’s ability to protect the open Internet and giving cable companies the power to charge for less access. This bill would be a huge betrayal to the millions of Internet users that demanded that Congress support real net neutrality.