The only CIA agent who is in jail for the torture program? The whistleblower who exposed it.

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"Exposing torture is not a crime. Pardon whistleblower John Kiriakou."

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The CIA "Torture Report" details grotesque acts of torture including "rectal feeding" and forcing prisoners to stand for hours on broken legs. Worse, it proves that many prisoners were wrongfully detained, and others were "lost." The people responsible for these human rights abuses should be held accountable, but instead, the U.S. government is imprisoning the whistle blower who exposed the program to the Senate.

John Kiriakou refused orders to participate in torture and chose to expose it instead. Whistleblowers who bring our government's darkest secrets to light should be celebrated, not jailed.

Please sign the petition to pardon John Kiriakou and share this widely.

For more information on how to support John, visit this link.