New York is trying to ban the iPhone.

New York State wants to ban secure phones like the iPhone (and the latest Androids) to make snooping easier. But punishing Apple for good security isn't just unfair, it endangers us all.

Tell NY state lawmakers: don't ban my phone!

Encryption is the only technology that protects us from thieves and stalkers, in the event that our phone is lost, or stolen. But New York State is threatening to ban that fundamental technology for shortsighted reasons, endangering us all. Want to stop them? Sign our petition to the bill's sponsor, NY State Assembly's Walter Mosley: "Withdraw A8093 immediately."

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Secure smartphones keep us safe.

We use our phones for the most personal things in our lives, and we expect our calls, texts, and emails to stay between us and the people we choose to communicate with. Forcing phone companies to install secret “backdoors” in otherwise secure phones would mean we have no way of knowing if our private communications are actually private at all.

The New York state legislature says they want these backdoors so that law enforcement can break encryption to view the communications of suspected terrorists and criminals, but, as all security-minded individuals understand, once there is a backdoor, anyone can use it. It will be easier for identity thieves or other people who seek to do you harm to invade your privacy and steal your information.

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