Nothing to see here: just mass graves of trafficked women

Tell President Obama:

"Stop trying to sweep Malaysia’s human rights abuses under the rug just to pass the dangerous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).”

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President Obama just gave Malaysia a thumbs up on human rights so that he can pass the TPP — despite finding mass graves of sex trafficking victims.

U.S. Congress recently passed a law giving President Obama “fast track” authority to secretly negotiate trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive agreement that could lead to Internet censorship, lost jobs, and worse. But the legislation had a caveat: the executive branch can’t use this authority enter into deals with countries like Malaysia that have the worst records on abuses like human trafficking.

Rather than pushing for Malaysia to clean up its act and address the crisis, the Obama Administration has a simple solution: just upgrade Malaysia’s human rights “ranking” on paper, and ignore the recently discovered mass graves of young women forced into sex slavery. It’s a win-win for big government and big corporations and a disaster for human rights worldwide.

The U.S. government has hit a new low. As a country we can and must do better. Sign and share the petition to demand our leaders respect human rights.