This Attorney General wants to revive SOPA and censor the Internet.

What is Jim Hood's plan for the Internet?

Mississippi AG Jim Hood says he wants a list of sites that search engines and ISPs would be legally required to block. Who makes the list? Well, leaked emails show Hood is working for the MPAA, the lobby that brought us the Internet censorship bill SOPA. His own legal filings were written by MPAA lawyers!

Hood's office number is: 1-601-359-3680. Call him now, or sign the petition below. When you call, say: "I have a message for Jim Hood. Stop working with movie executives to censor America's Internet".

Jim Hood is up for re-election. Tell him if he brings back SOPA, he'll lose

Sign the petition: "Attorney General Hood– We've seen the emails, we know you're working with the MPAA to censor America's Internet, and we won't stand for it. Stop your plans for a "censorship list" immediately.

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