BREAKING: A top official negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has RESIGNED over bribery charges

This is why policy that affects the Internet should never be made in secret. President Obama is expected to sign the TPP in less than two weeks. We have to stop this.

Tell President Obama & all TPP decision-makers:

"Signing the TPP while there are serious allegations of corruption concerning one of its top negotiators would be reckless and anti-democratic. Do not sign the TPP. We demand a full investigation into these bribery charges and a review of all officials involved in TPP negotiations."

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The TPP was negotiated in secret, and now one of the chief negotiators is accused of taking bribes

BREAKING UPDATE: The top official involved has now RESIGNED due to the seriousness of these allegations. Read more.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive, legally binding deal between 12 countries that was negotiated in complete secrecy by industry lobbyists and government bureaucrats. It has sparked international outcry, and expert's analysis of the text show it poses a grave threat to the economy, the environment, the Internet, national sovereignty, and freedom of expression.

Japan's economic and fiscal policy minister, a top official involved in negotiating the TPP, has been accused of taking major bribes from a Japanese construction company amounting to at least $148,000. It's not clear yet whether the bribe was related to the TPP itself, but it underscores the danger of these shadowy, corrupt, agreements.

This is exactly why decisions that affect billions of people should never be made in secret. This is exactly why the TPP is such a threat. President Obama is expected to sign the agreement on February 4th, but this bribery scandal could derail that if enough people speak out right away.

Sign the petition to tell Obama not to sign the TPP amidst public outcry and scandalous corruption. Then share it with as many people as you can!

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