FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler sold out the Internet, let's get him fired.

Last week, our protest at the FCC made headlines and forced the FCC to move towards our direction, but Chairman Tom Wheeler sold us out moving forward with his proposal to allow net discrimination and Internet slow lanes. The White House has responded by saying their hands are tied - but they aren't. President Obama can fire Wheeler.

Tell Obama to fire FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler for selling out the Internet!

"President Obama, you campaigned on a promise to protect the open Internet and net neutrality. It’s time that you kept your promise and replaced Tom Wheeler with a FCC Chair who will fight for real net neutrality through Title II reclassification."

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Obama’s Promise to the Internet

When President Obama ran for election in 2008, he ran as a champion of net neutrality. He publicly announced his support for net neutrality and his commitment to keep the Internet open - especially by appointing a FCC chairman that would stand by those same ideals.

But since President Obama appointed Tom Wheeler as FCC Chairman, the FCC has completely changed course on net neutrality. Just last month, Tom Wheeler proposed a rule to allow net discrimination and slow lanes to be created on the Internet. It’s clear to us now - Tom Wheeler is leading the charge to kill net neutrality.

Tom Wheeler leads the FCC with a flawed vision and failed leadership. In the last two weeks, Wheeler has been reported as running the FCC into chaos over his decision to move forward with slow lanes. It’s time to fire Tom Wheeler.