Just when you thought Facebook couldn't get any worse

Now they're lobbying to support law that would "Fast Track" internet censorship.

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“Don’t sell out your users and Fast Track internet censorship. Drop support for Fast Track and the TPP.”

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Internet users oppose Fast Tracking the TPP, but Facebook doesn't seem to care

U.S. Congress is hurtling toward a vote on a “Fast Track” bill that would speed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) into law. The TPP is a secret agreement that contains extreme copyright provisions that endanger Internet freedom.

Thousands of tech companies, from tiny startups to well loved sites like reddit and Tumblr, oppose this anti-democratic and anti-Internet Fast Track legislation, but Facebook is supporting it.

Why? Maybe it's because secretive trade agreements like the TPP grant giant corporations like Facebook new power to influence policy around the world, and privilege the largest companies at the expense of innovation and freedom of expression.

Facebook can afford an army of lawyers and lobbyists to ensure that their interests are protected under the TPP's draconian new Internet policies, but average Internet users, startups, and political activists can't.

Facebook is supporting censorship, stifling competition, and helping governments break the Internet, just to make a few extra bucks. This time thy've gone too far. Sign and share this petition right now to tell Facebook to drop their support for Fast Tracking the TPP.