Complain about censorship. Get censored.

A new EU proposal aimed at banning pornography could lead to massive online censorship. Ironically, when thousands of people contacted their MEP's about it, the emails were blocked -- just like when emails against ACTA were sent to spam folders.

Tell the President of the European Parliament: "Everyone deserves a voice. Immediately stop blocking emails from citizens."

We demand that everyone's opinion is counted before a vote on any policy that impacts the freedom of the Internet and online expression.

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Those who represent us should never stop us from contacting them.

Regardless how you feel about the proposed policy on pornography, we can all agree that members of the European Parliament should never censor legitimate emails from their citizens.

This is not the first time this has happened. During the widespread outcry against ACTA, Parliamentary authorities decided to send all emails related to ACTA to MEP's spam folders.

This is an extremely dangerous trend, especially in the context of policies that will affect the openness and freedom of the Internet.

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This is a campaign of the Center for Rights in conjunction with Fight for the Future.

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