Join the Nationwide Vigil for the Internet on November 6th

The FCC is advancing a “hybrid” Internet proposal that will allow cable companies to discriminate and block Internet access. Their move blatantly ignores the demands of more than 4 million public comments demanding for lasting real Title II net neutrality. We're organizing a nationwide vigil to show to the White House, the FCC, and the world, that we will not let corrupt politicians take away the open Internet.
On November 6th, we'll gather at the White House and across government buildings nationwide holding our cell phones, candles, and flashlights up to shine light on the corruption that is unfolding in Washington, DC, and demand a free and uncensored Internet for all.

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Join our vigil in front of the White House

This is it. The FCC is finalizing its net neutrality proposal right now and it's a fake plan that leaves the door open for Cable companies to censor and abuse Internet access. We don't have much time. The coming days are critical to show President Obama, the FCC, and the world that The Internet will accept nothing less than lasting net neutrality through Title II reclassification.

In Hungary, thousands of citizens just beat back a tyrannical Internet Tax during massive protests where they held their cell phones in the air. A threat to Internet users' freedom anywhere is a threat to internet users' freedom everywhere. On November 6th, we'll hold our phones, candles, and flashlights up to shine light and protest on the shameful "hybrid" proposal President Obama and FCC Chair Tom Wheeler is advancing.

The nationwide vigil will start in DC:

What: Nationwide Vigil to defend free speech and the Internet
When: November 6th, 6pm EST
Where: Lafayette Park, Washington DC (North Front of the White House)

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With net neutrality at stake, we need to spread the message far and wide. Being a part of the action on November 6th is as easy as tweeting a photo of yourself shining the light of your phone or holding a sign in protest with the hashtag #RealNetNeutrality. With our partner Popular Resistance, we've created a map of actions so you can find or create an action near you.

Click here to see a map of events to find or organize an event near you.

If you'd like to attend a vigil near you, bring your phone, a flashlight, or candle. Bring a sign calling for #RealNetNeutrality too. Once you're at the event, tweet with the hashtag #RealNetNeutrality to show that you're taking part. If you'd like to create an action in your area, use the map and publicize the event with your friends and social network.

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Photo of Hungarian citizens protesting Internet Tax by András Hajdú of, used with permission.