Do you hate your cable company? Let's throw a wrench in their evil plan.

Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Cablevision. They're pretty much all the same: local monopolies, high prices, terrible service, slow connections. The only thing in their way is the FCC -- and that's why they're trying to get one of their top lobbyists to run it.

Tell Obama & Congress: "The future of our country depends on Internet freedom. Dump Tom Wheeler as FCC nominee."

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The cable companies that screw you over daily want one of their most notorious lobbyists to be in charge of regulating them. Sound fair?

Meet Tom Wheeler. He was a top lobbyist for big telecom and now President Obama has nominated him to be the next chair of the Federal Communications Commission -- the FCC -- which is the organization that is supposed to regulate the telecommunications industry.

It's a huge and blatant conflict of interest, and it will only lead to giant telecommunications companies pushing for even higher profits at the expense of their customers' rights and the health of the internet ecosystem.

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