Verizon is spying on us... they all are.

A leaked document shows that every day, America's phone companies give our private call records--and our location--to the National Security Agency. It's a violation of the Constitution, and it needs to stop now.

Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee to investigate this unconstitutional spying immediately.

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This has been going on for years, but now we have proof.

This scandal could be the final straw that forces the U.S. Government to come clean about its out-of-control domestic surveillance program.

The Guardian has obtained a leaked copy of a Top Secret court ruling that shows that the NSA forced Verizon to hand over the records of every single customer’s phone calls “on an ongoing, daily basis.” Sounds like dystopian sci-fi? Read the document for yourself, it’s only 3 pages.

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Every Verizon customer is a terrorist?

This morning the Obama administration attempted to justify this outrageous breach of the Constitution by claiming that the program was a "critical tool" used to stop terrorism. Unless they are prepared to assert that every Verizon customer is a terrorist, this explanation is not going to fly with the American public. Some outspoken members of Congress have already started making noise about this, and there is chance that this could be a huge moment to reign in indiscriminate government surveillance.

If you think this is a partisan issue, note that former Vice President Al Gore tweeted this:

The problem here is not just the Obama administration. The legal justification for this domestic spying program lies within the overly broad USA PATRIOT Act signed after 9/11. While civil liberties groups have long complained about our dwindling privacy, we have a real opportunity right now to bring this issue to the forefront of national attention. Help us build a movement that can beat back government spying and demand a restoration of our Constitutional rights and basic democratic freedoms.

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