Congress: We're planning the largest online protest since SOPA. Vote NO on CISPA sooner rather than later.

CISPA -- the bill that would END our online privacy and violate the 4th Amendment -- passed the House last week. We're planning the largest online privacy protest in history to stop this bill. Can you call your Senators today to warn them?

We need to flood Congress with phone calls so they know: Violating our privacy is not an option. Vote NO on CISPA!

Use the handy call tool below to instantly look up your Senator's phone numbers. We'll even provide you with a suggested script of what to say. After you call, read on.

We won't retain your location or any other information about your call.

Thanks for making the call! We're organizing the largest online privacy protest in history to stop CISPA for good. You in?

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BREAKING: CISPA sponsor, Rep. Mike Rogers, admits that CISPA helps rich tech CEOs, then says CISPA opponents are "14 year old tweeters in their basement." And it's on video.

Instantly, thousands of people started tweeting at @RepMikeRogers telling him how old they are. We made a button so you can do it too.

Tweet your age @RepMikeRogers

What's wrong with CISPA? (in as few words as possible)

As it's written, CISPA won't protect us from cyber threats, but it will violate our 4th Amendment right to privacy:

  • It lets the government spy on you without a warrant. (read more)

  • It makes it so you can’t even find out about it after the fact. (read more)

  • It makes it so companies can’t be sued when they do illegal things with your data. (read more)

  • It allows corporations to cyber-attack each other and individuals outside of the law. (read more)

  • It makes every privacy policy on the web a moot point, and violates the 4th amendment. (read more)

  • When we say that your information can be shared with "The Government" it's not hyperbole. Federal Agencies from the Fish & Wildlife Service to Amtrak to the NSA could access your data. (read more)

Which companies will really go to bat for you?

The companies and organizations below have proven their true commitment to user privacy by vocally opposing CISPA. How legit is that? These companies are actually saying, “We want to be sued if we do something illegal with your data.” That’s how you know they are actually taking your privacy seriously. If Google, Twitter, and Facebook are ready to walk the walk, they’ll join this list!




Cheezburger, Inc.


Duck Duck Go

Entertainment Consumers Association

Floor 64


Girardin Development




New York Tech Meetup

Private Internet Access




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