1 Million People Demand Net Neutrality

3 judges sided with Verizon -- okayed censorship -- and struck down net neutrality. Now, 1 Million people want it back. Share this page and spread the word to keep the Internet free.

On the morning of January 30th, Fight for the Future joined 85 other organizations who delivered over 1 MILLION signatures demanding immediate action to restore net neutrality to the FCC offices in Washington, D.C.

Chairman Tom Wheeler, the head of the FCC, was amazed at the numbers of people who spoke out within the short two-week period. "A million people? That's boffo," he said to the press.

Check out the video to the left (thanks Free Press!), and this article in Mashable. Scroll down for photos.

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Tell the FCC to protect the open internet

"Dear FCC, we need net neutrality. Protect internet users from monopolistic ISPs and don't let companies censor, slow down, or block websites while requiring other sites to pay for faster service. Please stand up for all Internet users and our right to communicate."

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Reached of goal

Verizon wins. The Internet loses.

On Jan. 14, a federal appeals court decided Verizon vs. FCC in favor of Verizon--not because Verizon was really right, but because the FCC chose the wrong legal framework to use back in 2010.

This is not a very good reason to destroy the open internet.

The good news is, if the FCC immediately reclassifies broadband and puts it under the common carrier legal framework, they could restore their ability to regulate ISPs and protect net neutrality.

Common Cause took photos of our petition boxes being wheeled into the building

The final number of signatures and banner that says, "FCC: A free and open internet for all, NOT JUST THE 1%"


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